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Amazon Web Services provides on-demand cloud computing platforms on a subscription basis.
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mawah commented Nov 6, 2019


In the setup guide, users may need more guidance on what SKU to select. From experience I know which VMs have GPUs, and how to request more quota if I find I can’t create a VM, but your repo users might not know those things. But even so, I'm unsure what type of VM to create, because at this point I know very little of CVBP e.g. whether there is any point having more than one GP

Git Merge 2020
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Git Merge 2020

March 04, 2020 • Los Angeles

Git Merge is a one-day conference dedicated to the version control tool that started it all—and the people who use it every day.
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rubyFeedback commented Feb 19, 2020

This may be a bit much to ask, because people don't have much time available, I suppose ...

... but I think I am not the only one who thinks that it would be nice if someone could explain the code too.

This does NOT have to be to every minute details, mind you; just a single high quality document perhaps that introduces to the essentials, sort of like a semi-detailed overview, and linked in

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Lean Board is a collaborative whiteboard with sticky notes which seamlessly connects with your GitHub issue. Login with your GitHub account, create a board for an issue and a snapshot of your notes is embedded in the issue automatically.

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PaulNewton commented Feb 14, 2020

This issue will use computer science algorithms as an example but the issue is not about that specific topic but rather the implementation of ANY "track".

In addition to the three skill based tiers there should be knowledge pursuit tracks allowing new learners to move through those tiers onto related app-projects. This differs from #34 by focusing on a self directed educational go

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BlindDespair commented Feb 17, 2020

🐞 Bug report


When I try to handle non-existing routes, I redirect them to 404 page. When scully handles navigation and tries to get content for it, it will try to load index.html from non-existing page instead of using the one from 404. I believe the same issue would exist with any kind of redirection, e.g. using guards would also lead to undesired behavior.

🔬 Mini

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azl397985856 commented Feb 5, 2020

假如有一排房子,共 n 个,每个房子可以被粉刷成红色、蓝色或者绿色这三种颜色中的一种,你需要粉刷所有的房子并且使其相邻的两个房子颜色不能相同。

当然,因为市场上不同颜色油漆的价格不同,所以房子粉刷成不同颜色的花费成本也是不同的。每个房子粉刷成不同颜色的花费是以一个 n x 3 的矩阵来表示的。

例如,costs[0][0] 表示第 0 号房子粉刷成红色的成本花费;costs[1][2] 表示第 1 号房子粉刷成绿色的花费,以此类推。请你计算出粉刷完所有房子最少的花费成本。




输入: [[17,2,17],[16,16,5],[14,3,19]]
输出: 10
解释: 将 0 号房子粉刷成蓝色,1 号房子粉刷成绿色,2 号房子粉刷成蓝色。
  最少花费: 2 + 5 + 3 = 10。

题目地址: ht

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rynowak commented Feb 7, 2020

We added LinkParser in 3.0 to replace some functionality that people used IRouter for in the past. This is briefly mentioned in the 2.2->3.0 migration docs, but we should probably have a dedicated section for it.


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davidak commented Aug 31, 2019

It is not clear to me how i should practically note the copyright of a code part (for example 5 lines from a MIT project). Is it legally OK to just note the source, author and license in the commit message description or should it be in the header of the file or in the LICENSE file of the project?

When i copy whole files, the license header should not be r

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This repository is primarily maintained by Omar Santos and includes thousands of resources related to ethical hacking / penetration testing, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and more.

  • Updated Feb 20, 2020
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Waydev analyzes your codebase from GitHub to help you bring out the best in your engineers work.

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