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WordPress is a popular content management system, used for websites and blogs.
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Productivity metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity.

How it Works

  1. Install the open-source plugin for your editor

  2. Write code like you already do

  3. Get a personal or team dashboard with metrics about your programming


  • Fully-automatic project detection
  • Language usage breakdown
  • Private Leaderboards
  • Commit stats
  • Embeddable SVG charts
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Automatically close stale Issues and Pull Requests that tend to accumulate during a project.

How it works

After a period of inactivity, a label will be applied to mark an issue as stale, and optionally post a comment to notify contributors that the Issue or Pull Request will be closed.

If the Issue or Pull Request is updated, or anyone comments, then the stale label is removed.

If no more activity occurs, the Issue or Pull Request will be automatically closed with an optional comment.

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